Panduan Mencari Keyword

Macamana nak dapatkan keyword yang best dan boleh menjana targeted trafik ke web/blog kita?

Let’s simplify. In order to make money from a keyword, it will need to have
these three characteristics:

1. People need to be searching for it. The more searches it gets, the better.

2. It needs to be rank-able. You need to be able to get a site or page ranked for it.

3. It needs to have value. The people that find you with it need to be willing to buy from you, or other people have to be willing to buy your traffic.

Terdapat beberapa cara yang boleh digunakan untuk mencari keyword ideas yang boleh digunakan.Disini terdapat 5 methods yang di syorkan oleh para internet gurus.

1. The Sitepoint Marketplace -
Di Sitepoint, people are constantly buying and selling sites to each other.
Ini merupakan tempat terbaik untuk mencari ideas kerana kita dapat melihat niches mana yang paling mendapat permintaan yang tinggi.Dapatkan topik yang dicari dan jalankan ujian dengan menggunakan keyword tool.

2. -
Since Amazon sells just about anything under the sun, it’s a great place to go to get new ideas for keywords.Pilih category and browse through the products. Setiap product and category name memberikan potential keyword or range of keywords.

3. eBay - This one is just like Amazon. You’re simply going to take a look at the products and categories to get ideas.

4. Billboards - Iklan-iklan kat tepi jalan pun dijadikan idea untuk mendapatkan keyword.
Think about it; people are paying to advertise there. They’re paying for a reason. What I’ve found is that things you find on billboards often pay very well online. Why?Billboards usually advertise products and services with high profit margins. Sure you will have to do more research later but the idea here is to get fresh keywords that you can’t think of otherwise.

5. TV commercials - Again, when people pay to advertise commercially,there has to be some profit there. If you can get the traffic for free, it makes sense that you’ll be able to turn a profit. I will sometimes sit in front of the TV with my laptop so that I can check search volumes
(using a keyword tool) for different things that are being advertised.

Ini merupakan beberapa Webpage based tool yang boleh digunakan:

Dapatakan fully funtional 14 hari trial Keyword Elite 2.0.

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